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Reconstruction of Incentives and Credit Mechanisms

Provide the content creators advanced method to communicate with fans, build an accurate and faithful value exchange system.

A New Way to Regain Market Vitality

Empower the content creators with tools to manage fan community, offer the audience an innovated way to support the beloved creators.

Why We Do It

The market for culture and consumer products in Japan has remained stable at 12 trillion yen in the past decade. However, multiple problems prevent the market to thrive.

Emphasis on the dissemination system

The authors tend to pursue trending contents and topics for a quicker return. However, the market lacks a motivative mechanism to encourage the long-term creation required for the top-level titles.

Uncontrollability in the dissemination of high-quality content

Most of the authors use personal social network as the tunnels to promote themselves and their works which are inefficient comparing to more professional platforms.

Over-sponetiaty of supporter behavior

The authors don’t have adequate means to monitor and manage their fan community. The method of detecting trend and adjusting to what the market really wants is still deficient.

How We Solve It

For a long time, the problems above have been holding back the development of the market. DMS Chain introduces the latest blockchain technology and AI applications, aims to improve the way the authors and the audience communicate.


Simple and direct support behavior

Anyone can easily get reward as they use the social networks every day with innovative blockchain service. By “like!” “comment” and “share,” the audience can support their favorite creators, and the creators can be motivated by the direct feedback from the community.


Incorporation reward mechanism into daily SNS interaction

DMS has developed a reward mechanism for the system and added real rewards to the reward link. By increasing the traffic attracted, both the audience and the authors can receive the benefit.


Accurate quantification of the value of influence

DMS measures the supporting activities from a user and records it permanently. Based on this record, DMS Chain traces every bit of influence power, and motivate the authors.

Partnership with existing social networks

Dimension is not a social network. It is a new perspective of view to the traditional social platforms. The goal of Dimension is to measure the collective value of all the internet participants’ behavior and reward those who contribute to the community.

Anyone can participate with ease

For the content generators, Dimension is a new way to showcase themselves. They can start to connect to the fan community with the minimum costs. For the audience, Dimension is a reliable way to contribute for their beloved idols. By merely supporting the idols, the fans can claim their influence, too.


Suji Yan

Computer Engineering major in U.
Tokyo and UIUC, former Software
Engineer at TuSimple, CEO at Sujitech



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